Oakley2013 summer Jupiter clothing line

Oakley Jupiter NEW summer clothing line, in a variety of color collocation express their individuality, it is also the perfect

combination of form and function. Summer sweat, perspiration quick-drying, UV resistant, ultra-light fabric bonded must

be your first choice. Pants is using amphibious technology, with moisture management performance, both are suitable for

water sports or everyday wear.

Frogskins Tank

If you are a fan of Frogskins, then Frogskins Tank you must not miss! Frogskins Tank printed on classic cool Oakley

Frogskins sunglasses pattern, put it on and then match Frogskins sunglasses cool to play with you this summer.

Jupiter Tank

Jupiter Tank using O Hydrolix moisture management technology, from the greatest extent, enhance the comfort of

wearing apparel, even a lot of perspiration during exercise, but also can keep you dry.

Cruise Short

Cruise Short waist inside Jupiter printed patterns, pants body using lightweight feel very good fit and have a good stretch

fabrics. For you who love water sports, Cruise Short is the best choice.
10/11/2013 02:36:32
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